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In 2004, for a Church of Christ youth event called Faith Quest, I was asked to write a three-act play that would be called The Grace Conspiracy. It would be presented with one act at the end of each day of the event. With the help of youth minister Kevin Woods, the play was hammered out, and was a blessing for the 500-plus teenagers (not counting adults) who attended this Labor Day weekend event. Although I was never able to get my hands on a copy of the final script with all the notes and tweaks, I finally decided it was time to share what I could with the public.

Faith Quest takes place at Camp Yamhill, along the banks of the Yamhill River in Oregon State. The theme for that year's Faith Quest was Renaissance. The camp was set up so that the kids would register in one area, then have to cross a metal bridge in order to enter the main camp area. The bridge was covered in tarps and stuff, and converted into a "time tunnel", with appropriate light, sound, and smoke effects. As they crossed the bridge, they were transported from the "present" into the "past" (a Renaissance fair) where the fun would begin and the theme would be set. The Grace Conspiracy, therefore, takes place within that medieval setting.

Since contemporary music was used to emphasize certain sections of the plot, I have included the lyrics to that music in the locations they appeared.

CONTENT NOTE: This play contains adult themes (abuse, death, prostitution) that might be a bit rough for some.

I present this script purely for entertainment, and it is not intended in any way, shape, or form, for any commercial profit. No attempt has been made to infringe any rights held by the artists of the music included.

The Grace Conspiracy script: MS Word format | Adobe Reader format

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