More Precious Than Gold

by Mark and Karen Eidemiller


A long time ago lived a magnificent Bronze King.

His castle stood tall and mighty, the highest point in the greatest metropolis of the world, and he ruled well with his five valiant princes. Together, they fought all manner of villain both common and fantastic, righting wrongs and punishing evildoers. They lived by their sacred Code, and helped their fellow man far and wide. They were loved by one and all wherever they went, their praises sung by poor man and rich man alike.

But then there came that fateful day that the Bronze King encountered the demon of Hell known as Wail. The battle was great, but the Bronze King lost the victory. Unable to accept defeat, his vanity and pride caused him to return to the field of battle without his weapons of war, and without his valiant princes. He fell into a trap placed by a mysterious foe, and was put into a deep sleep for fifty years. When he finally awoke, not a day had passed for him, but his kingdom and empire had fallen into disgrace. And the world that once sang his praises now looked upon him as a villain.

Downcast and confused, the Bronze King wandered about this strange new land until he crossed the path of Perry the Godly, who introduced him to the One True God, the King of Kings -- and gave him new life and new hope.

The Bronze King and Perry the Godly embarked upon a Quest to find the King's valiant princes. Yet of the five, only three lived, scattered throughout the land.

And the cruelest blow of all was that the one person closest to him, the Lady Patricia, cousin to the Bronze King, claimed herself as his enemy. She had given in to the lies of the evil Prince of the Power of the Air. She cherished her youth and beauty, and had taken a magic potion that kept her young. In order to deceive the people of the land, she invented a daughter, an heiress named Princess Penelope. The people accepted the deception, and the Lady Patricia could enjoy the pleasures of the flesh freely.

But, behold, the Bronze King saw through her deception, and confronted the Lady Patricia. The battle was swift, and the forces of evil would have won. But they were rescued by the brave Lady Dot -- granddaughter of Prince Monk -- and the dauntless Sir Gumball -- eldest son of Prince Monk.

The brave Lady Dot joined the Bronze King and Perry the Godly in their Quest, and they encountered many adventures. They found Prince Johnny, Prince Renny -- whom all had presumed to be dead -- and Prince Long Tom.

But the evil Lady Patricia had not given up against the Bronze King.

In the village of Lincoln City by the Sea, two mighty forces came together. On the one side, the army of Lady Patricia. On the other, six brave warriors -- Princes Monk, Johnny, and Renny, Perry the Godly, and the Ladies Dot and Amy -- led by the Bronze King. Faced with overwhelming odds, they clashed in a mighty and magnificent battle. And the valiant six warriors led by the Bronze King triumphed over the manifold bullies of Lady Patricia.

Sorely wounded, the Lady Patricia returned to her kingdom, vowing to fight another day, while the valiant princes put the tragedies of the past behind them and planned a new kingdom dedicated to the future. Perry the Godly took the beautiful Lady Dot as his bride. And the Bronze King found a new direction to carry on the fight.

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