Here's what others have said about THE BRONZE SAGA:

(NOTE: Many of these early comments are during the time when I was writing Bronze Refined as Silver on the fly, so to speak. I would complete a section of the story, then post it for the eager readers while I would work on the next section. Putting complete stories on the internet began with the second story, More Precious Than Gold.)

It is a blessing to see you use the internet to give God glory and to minister to lost souls!

I just finished reading Chapter 1 of "Bronze Refined as Silver". Not what I expected but I found myself wrapped up in it and looking forward to every sentence! Keep it going, I anxiously await Chapter 2!

Read with interest the first chapter of Bronze Refined As Silver. As a Christian (and a fan of Doc Savage) I was impressed! I thought it was very good. Doc Savage was always a strong character with good morals. I often thought he would make a good "Christian hero." ... as a writer I thought you did a very good job. The first chapter was interesting and moving.

When are you going to put up Chapter 2? It seems like a year since I read chapter 1 and I'm thirsty for more!

Great story idea, I've been with it from the first chapter. I don't go for the religious aspect of it and in spite of that you've got a good story here. ... It was very clever to take the elements you did from the original stories and mate them to the present and your writing is good enough to make me feel like I've just seen long lost friends.

Keep it up! I find this a most interesting take on Doc Savage, and I do certainly want to see where it takes you.

I got your e mail message about you having more chapters done and I was excited! ... I always wondered what happened and hoped to get more to read! As a Christian Doc Savage fan I really enjoyed the first chapter. I'm going to read the rest and keep it in my Doc Savage notebook. .

I find your story a very interesting take on Doc Savage.

Doc has been a part of my life for close to 25 yrs now. I have collected all of the books and a few goodies on the side.... I am a Christian myself, but not very verbal about it. Some times I am ashamed. Your writing style is very easy to follow, without draging. Images seem to flood my mind. I zipped through the 6 chapters quickly and want more.

Your story does what I think should have been done for bringing Doc to the present. DC Comics brought Doc Savage to what was then the present, aka 1985. I really hated how Denny O'Neill did it. ... You take the Spring 1949 story at face value and move onward, which I like far better. That's grabbing the bull by the horns.

I've scanned your story briefly and am impressed. I'm guessing that the direction that you're heading in is to say that "Up From Earth's Center" really did take Doc to Hell. I'll bet that Doc will end out returning to confront Satan, will realize that physical prowess and technology are inadequate against evil, and rely on faith in Christ. While I am fairly confident in this prediction, I am interested in seeing how you get there.

I am looking forward to the rest of your story. The psychological/spiritual struggle within is something that I would not have guessed.

I have to say that you've satisfied two burning desires within me so far. ... The way you've handled Doc has been very intriguing, and quite realistic ... it makes for interesting and thought provoking reading ... The way that you slowly re introducing him into society and technology was nicely handled. ... You're the first person that I know of who has attempted to tell the story in this manner, and for that I have to congratulate you. ... Again my congratulations to you for taking on the chronicling of this phase of Doc's career. ... You've gotten me hooked, and checking the web page regularly. ... Keep up the good work, and best of luck with the rest of this Doc Savage project.

Gads! I've been waiting two years for the continuation of this storyline. Finally you got around to continue it. Thank you. So far I have enjoyed your story very much.

Love your story! Please's great to read something new with Doc...especially something set in the modern day.

I've read with rapt interest BRONZE REFINED AS SILVER. Unlike many stories that bring back heroes from the Limbo League this one is highly polished. Your tale is very well researched, professionally written, and engrossing. I'm personally pleased to see a favorite fictional hero from my youth won over to Christ. You have created a convincing and thought provoking witness that has me at the edge of my seat.

A Catholic Christian Pulp Fan in Lake Park

Bravo Zulu! (An old Navy slang for very good)

Very interesting reading here! More and more of the plot is being fleshed out, and details filled in. ... I like the way that you've had Dorothy and Carrie Brooks become strong female characters who aren't around simply for the purpose of being rescued, or as decoration. ... On the subject of religion, I like the way that you're handling things in the current chapters. The examples of Perry with the street derelict, and with Carrie Brooks are well done. It's fine to give someone a message about religion or Christianity. But that message should not be forced upon someone. How someone responds to the message has to come from the heart. The way that you've handled these situations in the novel so far have been very tasteful. ... So far, you've managed to make things very enlightening and interesting in the Doc saga. It's been well thought out and plotted, and reads quite well.

Hello. I've just finished reading the posted chapters of this story, and I've only got one thing to say: Wow. No, let me rephrase that: WOW! To see one of my personal favorite fiction characters presented as a Christian is a real treat! ... thank you for bringing this new turn to the life story of a classic character. And thank you for bringing the Good News to a lot of folks who might not pay any attention to it otherwise.

God has definitely inspired you to reach out in this unique and entertaining way. May His blessings remain on you and you family.

Wow! When I read the first chapter or two ages ago, I was stoked. This was the first Doc story I had read in, well, ever, and I was happy as a clam with the concept of bringing Christ into his universe. I wrote a short delirious note praising what I'd read, and was disappointed to hear back that you were putting it off. I understood, of course, that real life had to come first, and I have always been a patient person. (well, almost always ;) ) ... Afterwards I came to a new job and found the joy of newsgroups, where I found more crazy people who were entranced with our hero, and even a few who were willing to share/sell the original (reprinted) stories with/to me, and I found that I was truly hooked. But still I longed for the first tale, which mixed faith with fantasy. ... Then the call went out that more chapters had been added. I read them, but they still felt like teaser, and I didn't write, feeling my first post had been somewhat foolish, and not wanting to be thought ill of. And I didn't want to pressure you, knowing how hard it is to finish a project. ... I came back every so often, hoping for more chapters, being, as usual, patient. Then last night I came in to work to kill a few hours before going home, and found several new chapters. Yahoo! I read furiously, trying to get through them all before the bus came, but was stuck, late already, at the beginning of the last posted chapter. ... Pain! Not being able to resolve the cliff hanger! So I snuck back in tonight to find out what happened. And all I could say was Wow! ... I am, as ever, still waiting, still patient, and in complete awe of a man who can write like that. ... Who am I that I find this story so amazingly cool? I am a SciFi freak and a role player who has always taken great delight in explaining to the live action people that she had to leave early on Saturday night to get up early for church, and telling the people at church about her campaign world, where Christianity reigns. I am a professional computer geek, and a hobbyist tatter. I am an inventor of worlds and cosmoses who can't ever seem to get anything she would be willing to read, let alone let other people read... Thank you for writing this story. It is serious, funny, loving, and thought provoking. I hope you enjoyed writing it, because I certainly enjoy reading it.

Thank you for posting this story on your internet site! I cannot remember how I got to your site whether it was searching for Doc Savage stuff or Christian topics but I sure am glad I did. ... I have been a Doc Savage fan as far back as I can remember. Its wonderful to see someone interjecting Christianity into Doc Savage stories. I have often thought about something like that myself. I think everyone who has read about Doc has dreamed that something like this will happen to them. ... You got me hooked on two fronts, I am a Christian and I have all the Doc Savage Bantam books and I have read at least twice. ... Keep up the great work! I would be interested in reading further chapters as soon as they are completed!

I'm really enjoying your "Return of Doc Savage" saga! The best part is the Christian spin you've put on it!! As a youth minister and longtime fan of the Bronze Behemoth I'm most impressed!!! Keep up the great work!

Wow! Mucho Coolo! Wow! I am in total awe! I was almost having hysterics reading the ending, giggling, crowing, even cackling as the last of the missing characters were found, and Found. My heart was in my throat, and my breath was held, as Pat finally showed up and said goodbye to Tom. Oh, wait, did I mention Wow! ... If you couldn't tell, I really liked the story! This was right over the edge of being a fiction torpedo*, which is just my kind of thing. I only wish there had some way to bring Pat around, but this does leave you open for a sequel.

I've been impressed with the way that you handled the majority of the aspects of the story here. ... I think that the plot threads you've lain could make for a nice sequel. ... I haven't disliked the way that you've worked Christianity into this story and re introduced Doc to present times. Your message has been simple and effective. ... All in all, I've enjoyed the Doc Savage novella you presented.

It's good to find another friend of Doc's. Please continue with his exploits. I have lots of his stories and its been years since I have read one. Thank you for sharing a story that I was not familiar with. I'm very happy that Doc had found our master, the Lord Jesus Christ, as I, myself have found not long ago. Yes, I too. Have found the Lord. I like Doc, have beaucoup blood on my hands. I buried my ghosts long ago. And, after living 52 years I have finally found Jesus Christ, at last.

I usually don't read fan fiction, but something drew me to yours. ... Right off the bat I was unsure how someone could turn it into Christian fiction, but the more I read, the more I liked it. You've done well capturing what I call the spirit of the original stories (even if I think Clark is showing just a wee bit more emotion at the beginning than he was known for). ... And, yes, I am a Christian also. It's rather neat to see a story based off a series I was so drawn to in my youth, with a Christian vein in it right down the middle.

I just finished downloading the complete "Bronze Refined as Silver"; I was somewhat curious when I found your warning on the story. I had expected another fan pastiche written in an attempt to copy Lester Dent's style. I determined to read a little to see if I liked what was done. "BOOM" Something that I had never suspected: Doc Savage becoming a "born again" Christian. What a concept! As I read, I found that I couldn't stop until I made myself do so in the third chapter that's when I decided to download the story.

You did a wonderful job with the Man of Bronze and with the story's other characters and situations. As a fellow believer, I particularly admire the way you added the Christian elements to the story and the way(s) you kept Doc faithful to his original conception.

Only one word can be used to describe the story. Excellent! It was inspiring to read about characters that I grew up with and watch them become part of the family of Christ.

Outstanding story, my man. Truly a tribute to the one and only Man of Bronze.

There are a growing number of Christian Internet sites, some good some very commercial! Yours is the only site that I am automatically notified about when it changes. I am a fan of Doc Savage and I really appreciate the effort and skill that you put into your story. I have shared it with three of my children, and they loved it. Keep up the good work! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless the work of you hands to His glory.

Greetings from Everson in the Name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ: A friend of mine in Detroit just emailed me a copy of your Doc Savage story, and after reading the first chapter, I found myself reading the entire thing in one sitting. ... Thank you very much for putting it in type, and I pray that God will use it to bring many to Him.

I enjoyed your story. The story showed a lot of imagination and as a Christian I especially like the fact that Doc now knows the Lord! That you for a good read ... something I can't say to often these days.

Yes! I enjoyed the whole story, and am looking forward to the next one. Doc is a character I have had a soft spot for since I first picked up one of the Bantum paperbacks in college. He makes a great growing Christian, and I am glad to see faith portayed so positively in fiction by characters of strength. It is too often rare, and has been neglected.

I just found your site and cannot wait to read your Christian fan fiction of Doc Savage. How soon before "More Precious than Gold" comes out?

My brother sent me the novel you wrote entitled Bronze Refined as Silver; and I found it very enjoyable indeed. It brought back many memories of reading the Doc Savage books as a teenager. Most of all I enjoyed the Christian influence you included in the book.

Always have enjoyed this story of yours. It is as true as life would be for Doc and the rest of his crew. Thank you again for writing this and am waiting for the sequel to appear. Hurry up, please. May the love of Jesus always be in your soul.

To say that you've done an excellent job with this story would be understating the matter immensely. You've managed a task that's never been assayed by anyone else, to the best of my knowledge, and carried it off with a great degree of finesse and style. I've read only a few works of Christian fiction that prompted more tears of joy at the appropriate moments, and two of them were by Frank Peretti. ... Thanks, again, for a great read. And, thanks for doing something that, Savage fan that I am, and Christian that I am, never occurred to me to do use the milieu as a witnessing tool to those whose relationships with Christ are perhaps not what they should be. Your story only served as an inspiration to me, and a reminder of how much God is in control of everything. Hopefully, there will be at least one reader who will find something much deeper, and much more needed in his/her life, from reading this tale.

Just a note to say that I enjoyed the 2nd Doc novel as much as the first. It certainly is a blessing to see such thought and caring going into an old favorite character.

Just finished reading both of the Doc Savage stories, and...WOW...that's some good stuff! ... You did a fine job. When my friend told me it was a Doc Savage set in modern time, I was skeptical...that's a hard thing to pull off (most folks try to just transport the characters wholesale into modern times and it doesn't fly)...and then that it was a Christian centered story, which made me a bit more skeptical, since so many of those kinds of things just come off preachy, if you know what I mean. You have managed to avoid both pitfalls with grace and style, my friend. And put in a great read to boot! Those are some stellar accomplishments. Keep up the good work if you're going to write more of these, I'll certainly look forward to reading them.

I've enjoyed both of the Doc Savage stories you've written. I can't wait for the next story. Yours stories have lit a fire within me to read the original Doc Savage stories. ... I'm visually impaired and work with a guide dog and was touched by the witness of your wife in "More Precious than Gold".

I've been meaning for quite awhile now to write to you and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your "Bronze Refined As Silver" some time back. It was interesting to see Doc Savage presented from a Christian perspective to tell the truth I had an idea for a similar story back when I was still in high school, some 20 years ago now, but never did get around to actually writing it. (Part of this may have been part of the tugging I felt from opposing camps at the time my church friends didn't think it worth my time to try to tell a Christian story using characters created for secular entertainment, and my friends who liked Doc Savage and adventure/science fiction literature as much as I did thought me silly for wanting to "give Doc religion." I can't even remember now what the plot I had cooked up at the time, but that probably doesn't much matter as far as I'm concerned you've done a much better job than I would have done, anyway.

Been reading Doc Savage for over twenty years when I could find them. I am currently pastoring a small church in rural central Louisiana . This story has been a source of joy and encouragement to me . I have read the first 6 chapters and am looking forward to the rest. Thank you for going where no one dared to go before !!!

I really enjoyed your stories. Not only were they very entertaining, but the gospel message and Biblical examples were refreshing to say the least. Don't stop now I can't wait for the next one.

Quite by accident, I was scanning a list of Doc Savage links, and I found a link to your site. I read your first Doc Savage novel BRONZE REFINED AS SILVER with awe, wonder, and a massive joy in my heart! I am now starting to read MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD ... I can only say, I wish someday to be half as good as you are! The ideas you put forth were logical and valid, and Doc's progression into faith with its ups and downs was dead on the money. ... I cried a lot at certain parts of the story. Your narrative was crisp, clear, and contained a love of Christ that radiated off the screen! Combined with old friends like Doc and company (and new ones as well) it was an extraordinary tale. ... You have made quite an impression on this longtime Brother of Bronze, and on my heart and soul. Please continue to write Christian Doc Savage stories! ... Many thanks for a great and blessed reading experience!

That was one of the most soul stirring epics I have ever read (Bronze Refined as Silver). I certainly hope you have further adventures planned for the Man of Bronze.

As both a Christian and a new Doc Savage fan, I find your novel interesting.

It is good to see a "super hero" come to Christ.

I just HAD to write and tell you how much I have Enjoyed your two "Doc Savage" books. I am a adventure/science fiction nut. I could not put my palm pilot down !! I especially enjoyed that their relationship with Christ was an ever-present fact in everything they did. They sure didn't look like the Christian wimps or nuts portrayed in most movies or books. Both books were exciting, amusing, and somewhat convicting. Thank you for sharing them. Is there another in the works? I would certainly hope so!

Cross Roads Baptist Church
North Pole, AK
"Home of God's Frozen Chosen"

I would just like to say how much I've been enjoying your Doc Savage writings. You and your wife are incredible writers. While the Christian overtures (I'm Jewish) took me by surprise at the beginning, the message is still the same, regardless of what religion you practice. Please keep up the good work.

I just finished my 6th and I am sorry to say appears to be last, Doc Savage Christian Novel. I'm sure it was quite a task to write these, but I must say, I wish I had several more to read. I've really enjoyed them. You folks must be quite interesting. I'm going to look more into your schtuff on the website etc. I look forward to seeing more of Jesus as I learn more about you all. Or as we say in Texas, y'all. Blessings!

I thought I would let you know that I have just finished "Bronze Refined As Silver". I think it's well written, (grin) partly because it is a lot longer than any story of my own. I don't seem to be able to come up with enough ideas to fill out a full-length novel, and I have always been somewhat envious of people who can. I first encountered Doc in "Brand of the Werewolf" circa 1964, read several other Bantam printings as time went by, and I'm glad that there is fan fiction to keep the legend going. I am having a bit of trouble with the concept of Pat as a villain, but that might be because I only encountered the idea a couple of hours ago. I should try to be more open minded. I enjoyed the brief mentions of Tarzan and the Shadow. As a convert to a non-Christian religion I personally feel a researcher of Doc's caliber would not be quick to dismiss the claims of other religions, especially if he could accept that one of those religions really is a message from God. But of course I know full well that Christians do not agree with me on that point.

What you guys are doing with the "Bronze Saga" series is awesome! I had allway wished that Doc would publicly proclaim he was a Christian. When I first stated reading book 1, Bronze refined as silver, I could not believe me eyes. You guys rock!

God bless you two! Keep 'em coming, I'm on #6 now!

Just a note to say thanks. I stumbled up your Doc Savage work a little while back and keep reading it over and over. Both the Christian theme and the way you wove in things like Lamont Cranston to the Time Tunnel so you as a master of this type of fiction.

I've been waiting very impatiently for the next installments and was excited to see the work in progress. I've been using this as an evangelism tool for the sci-fi fans who in general don't get exposed to much Christianity. It's always a good way to open up discussion.

May God guide your pen.

(this is from the husband)

Loved all the Doc books! I now have got my Christian wife reading them! When will the next two be done? We can hardly wait.

(this is from the wife)

My husband has been reading Doc Savage books for quite some time, then he put a few on my PalmPilot to read, well let me just say how awesome they are and the one "The Abduction of Amy Roberts" I cannot hardly put it down, it's one of the best books I have ever read.

Thank You sooooooooo Much. God BLESS You!!

I have read 110 pages of TRIAL so far. If the whole story is this good, it will be a great addition to the SAGA. To have Doc reveal himself to the world again is fantastic. Especially to us old-timers who still relish his original adventures. The idea of tolling is interesting. I would never have thought of it. I think that's going to make THIS adventure the most unique. I hope the rest of the story is as good as what I've read so far.

(later …)

I finished TRIAL off early this morning. It was a great addition to THE BRONZE SAGA. You kept me guessing throughout the story at just what would happen next. Congratulations. I loved the idea of the new Fortress of Solitude with its anti-gravity platform. Am I correct in assuming that you will be writing more BRONZE SAGA stories, as time permits? Please keep me informed.

Just finished, "The Trial", and it was awesome! The story was very well written, showed you had really put a great deal of thought (how in the world did you find all of the references to the Crime College?) The communicator that Perry and Clark used was a great idea. I look forward to more adventures as they settle in to the the Fortress! Keep 'em comin'!

Thanks for the update. I love your work. It really helps me in my walk. What a great ministry you have in this series. Keep up the great work.

You craft those characters so well. I really have come to care about the new team the same way that I feel about the original team. Well done. my brother! And what a great touch to bring characters back from the other time line! Masterful! I couldn't put it down and finished it in about two days.

Keep it up. MORE! MORE! MORE!

And the comments keep on coming ...

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