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A Personal Commentary by Mark Eidemiller

"Walk By Faith Ministries"

I wrote this several years ago, about some friends of ours. Since then, it appears that their ministry has become bogged down by the cares of this world, and may have even stopped.

Please continue to pray for them, that this recognition will not be the only thing that survives their ministry.

It's not everyday that you see someone carrying a cross down the street.

But with a couple I know, it's their calling, and the objective of their ministry, fittingly named Walk By Faith Ministries.

It centers around the cross. Or in this case, their cross. It stands twelve feet long with a six foot crosspiece, and unashamedly displays the phrase "JESUS SAVES FROM HELL" on either side. At the bottom of the cross, to aid movement, are two 12-inch tractor tires. This unique cross is carried by my brother and sister in Christ, Tony and Laura Marks. They rest the cross on their shoulder and the wheels on the ground, and put one foot in front of the other for the glory of God.

Their first cross was a heavy model of solid wood, which was mounted in the bed of a pickup truck when not in use. This earlier model had small Christmas-tree type lights strung along the outer edge. At night, the lights would flash on and off in sequence, performing a dance around the cross. During an overcast day, or especially at night, this would be a breathtaking sight as they drove around town. The truck got attention wherever it was, whether parked in a parking lot or cruising down I-5. Reactions varied from touched and convicted, to offended and driven to attempts at vandalism. But it couldn't stop the message.

Their current model is an aluminum frame with plexiglas panels, and lights mounted inside the shell. When not in use, this one will be mounted straight up on the back of their 27-foot Revcon motor home. That's going to be interesting.

So if you're around the United States and happen to see this unique sight driving through, wave at them. And if you happen to see Tony or Laura carrying their cross, introduce yourself to them and talk to them. You won't be disappointed.

You could even bring them a Christian bumper sticker to put on their RV, and let them know you first heard about Walk By Faith Ministries here (I'd appreciate knowing this message is getting through).

Either way, please be praying for them.

Any comments? Feel free to email me.
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