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#1 Bronze Refined As Silver, by Mark and Karen Eidemiller

The Man of Bronze, Doc Savage, was unseen for fifty years, his disappearance as mysterious as his legendary adventures. Suddenly he appears in a gospel mission in Portland, Oregon, and his life is changed forever by a simple decision. How has the world changed since Doc Savage vanished? What has happened to his team? Who is friend? Who is foe?

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#2 More Precious Than Gold, by Mark and Karen Eidemiller

Pat Savage's cosmetics empire is under attack from a band of female terrorists bent on revenge. How does the Valley of the Vanished fit into their plans? What life-changing events will take place before the final chapter?

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#3 Bronze Avengers, by Mark and Karen Eidemiller

A secret underground organization continues the work of Doc Savage. A blind woman invents a portable EMP generator. What lengths will a used car dealer with a hidden past go to have her invention for himself?

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#4 The Abduction of Amy Roberts, by Mark and Karen Eidemiller

An African general kidnaps the daughter of Long Tom Roberts to help him build a superweapon to destroy the United States. As Amy's blind roommate Sunni is injured and hovers near death, how can the madman be found in time, and his evil scheme stopped?

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#5 Bronze Battlefield, by Mark Eidemiller

An old foe escapes from the Valley of the Vanished! Military troops march on Caroline Island! Pat Savage and Jill Woodward face death! Who will live? And ... are there wedding bells ahead for Doc Savage?

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#6 Bronze New World, by Mark Eidemiller

The wedding of Clark and Bonnie! Visitors from beyond time! And a miscalculation puts Clark and Perry in a world where Doc Savage is the President of the United States, and Perry Liston is ... a terrorist? Will things ever be the same again?

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#7 Bronze-Tempered Steel, by Mark Eidemiller, with Barry Ottey

An ancient Aztec artifact with mystical capabilities! A dimensional rift from an alternate universe strips the sole survivor of a long-dead world of his amazing powers and drops him into the lives of Doc and the crew! Will a confrontation with The Man of Bronze temper this strange visitor from another planet, and will his powers be restored in time for him to help save the world from modern-day pirates with nuclear weapons?

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#8 The Trial of Doc Savage, by Mark Eidemiller

Doc Savage stands before the public, to face his accusers, clear his name and restore his reputation. What sacrifices will be made in the name of Justice? Will Clark abandon his faith in the midst of the heat? And when the man who put Doc Savage into suspended animation is finally free, will anyone be safe? The most astonishing ending ever – nothing will be the same again!

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#9 Bronze Golem, by Mark Eidemiller

The monsters are loose. A charismatic cult leader from Perry's past. The return of Doc Savage's greatest – and most unexplainable – enemy. Good versus Evil. Light against Darkness. Truth against Lies. Who will be standing when the smoke clears?

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#10 Bronze Shaped as Clay, by Mark Eidemiller

The tenth and final book in the Bronze Saga – this is the one that changes it all! In the paradise of the Bahamas, a veteran secret agent is framed for murder. Perry, Dot, Mitch, and Jill become trapped between life and death. Can a paralyzed Doc Savage stop a madman's threat to kill millions with rapid aging? The most fantastic is saved for last!

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